Snow Plum Socks and video games

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s newest game – Overwatch. Overwatch is a first person shooter, in which you play one of 25 heroes (that are currently in the roster). Each hero has a unique set of abilities making them great at different tasks. My Snow Plum Socks are inspired by Overwatch in general, but more specifically the hero Mei. Mei is a Chinese scientist who wields an endothermic blaster that sprays snow, which freezes her enemies (or shoots icicles that impale them..) She can also build walls of ice and encase herself in an iceblock which heals her!

I love playing Mei, I think she’s super fun and a great annoyance to the enemy team if played right. Mei has a “skin” (for those of you who don’t play a ton of videogames, a skin is a cosmetic item that modifies the look of the character you’re playing) called Snow Plum, which is what inspired the name of my socks. In addition to this, Mei is a super positive character, it always makes me happy to play her. The same kind of feeling I got, working on the socks!

Mei in her Snow Plum skin, with her adorable weather-control drone. Photo screenshot from in game.

When I am not knitting I am usually gaming and as Overwatch is my latest obession, I only found it fitting to create something inspired by this universe I’ve grown to love. The positive and “dainty” (Mei isn’t really that dainty but the Snow Plum skin is with the pink flowers and all) vibe I get from Mei is what I’ve tried to recreate in my sock pattern.

Snow Plum Socks

The Snow Plum Socks have a flower-y lace panel going down the center, with a row of slipped stitches seperating the lace from the side panels that feature the more textured seed-stitch. Obviously I had to knit the sample socks in a dusty purple.

You can find the link to the Snow Plum pattern right here

It’s been an interesting process, trying to convert a video game hero into a pair of knit socks, for sure. I could see myself doing more similar things in the future, perhaps with other heroes from Overwatch, or maybe heroes from other games.

Do you play Overwatch? Do you think I did a horrible or a great job on my Mei-inspired socks? Let me know!




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