Crosshair Crochet: Buzz the Bee


Life’s changed a lot for me lately, especially because I just recently got the news that I’ve been accepted to university and I’ll be starting late August.

With this change comes the challenge of me living pretty far away from the university itself. I have about 3 hours of transport per day if I wanted to stay where I am.

So! I’ve begun the search for an affordable place in Copenhagen (haha) and am looking at dorms. One of the dorms I’m applying to wants a “creative component” to my application, and since the dorm mascot is a bee I figured what better than to crochet them a bee to send with my application?

In case you want a crochet bee for yourself, for whatever reason, here’s what I did:

Note: This pattern is free. However, it has not been test-crocheted by anyone but me and there may be errors or unclear parts. Find anything that doesn’t make sense? Email me at


You will need:


  • Yellow, black and white cotton yarn, fingering weight.
  • Darning needle.
  • Safety eyes (I got a large box off amazon – Link)
  • 2.25 (B) crochet hook.
  • Stuffing.
  • Pipe cleaner in black (or whatever color you have on hand)
  • Superglue


I’ve left the instructions in green and my commentary in white for easier reading.

I’ll be using US crochet terminology throughout.


Using yellow, make a magic ring with 6 sts

rnd 1: inc in every stitch (12)

rnd 2: *inc, sc* around (18)

rnd 3: *inc, sc 2* around (24)

rnd 4: *inc, sc 3* around (30)

rnd 5: *inc, sc 4* around (36)

Break the yellow yarn and join the black yarn.

Tip: you can work the yarn ends inside the next round of stitches if you want. It makes it neater and easier for you to see what you’re doing but it isn’t a must. If you don’t want to, simply make sure all the yarn ends are on the inside of the bee.

rnd 6-8: sc around (36)

Break the black yarn, join the yellow.

rnd 9-13: sc around (36)

break yellow yarn, join black.

rnd 14-16: sc around (36)

break black yarn, join yellow.

rnd 17: sc around (36)

rnd 18: *inc, sc 5* around (42)

rnd 19: *inc, sc 3* to last 2 sts, sc 2. (52)

rnd 20-22: sc around (52)

rnd 23: *dec, sc 3* around (40)

rnd 24: sc around (40)

rnd 25: *dec, sc 3* to last 4 sts, sc 4 (33)

rnd 26: sc around (33)

rnd 27: *dec, sc 2* to last 3 sts, sc 3 (25)

rnd 28: sc around (25)

(Remember to stuff the body at some point before the hole gets so small you can’t easily do it.)

rnd 29: *dec, sc 2* around (19)

rnd 30: sc around (19)

rnd 31: *dec, sc 1* around (13)

rnd 32: dec to last st, sc (7)

Cut and pull yarn through live stitches, work the tail away.


Using yellow, make a magic ring with 5 sts.

rnd 1: inc around (10)

rnd 2-4: sc around (10)

rnd 5: inc around (20)

rnd 6: *inc, sc 1* around (30)

rnd 7: sc around (30)

rnd 8: *inc, sc 2* around (40)

rnd 9-12: sc around (40)

rnd 13: *dec, sc 4* to last two sts, sc 2 (33)

rnd 14: sc around (33)

Now would be a good time to add the eyes and stitch on a mouth using the black yarn.

rnd 15: *dec, sc 3* to last st, sc 1 (26)

rnd 16: sc around (26)

rnd 17: *dec, sc 2* to last 2 sts, dec (19)

rnd 18: sc around (19)

Now is a good time to stuff the head.

rnd 19: dec to last 2 sts, sc 2 (13)

rnd 20: dec to last st, sc 1 (7)

Cut yarn, pull through live stitches and use the tail to attach the head to the body (Pictured below)

Practically already done!



Make two the same.

Using white yarn, make a magic circle with 6 sts.

rnd 1: inc around (12)

rnd 2: sc 2, hdc, 3 dc in one stitch, hdc, sc 7 (14)

rnd 3: sc 2, 2 hdc in one stitch, 2 dc in each of the next three stitches, 2 hdc in one stitch, sc 7.

rnd 4: sc 2, 2 hdc in each of the next two stitches, 2 dc in each of the next six stitches, 2 hdc in the next two stitches, sc 7. Sl st to first stitch of next round, cut the working yarn and pull through. Stitch the wing onto the body.

Tip: I recommend waiting until you have both wings done before stitching them on. This will ensure you have them evenly lined up.

As you can see, I did not stitch the wings on evenly. Shame on me.

Now you only have the legs to go! In the interest of keeping this simple and getting it mailed out ASAP, I just did 4 little bumps for him to stand on. If I had more time I would have made longer legs and made the wings bendable, but alas, I didn’t. Maybe I’ll revisit the pattern in the future and include notes on how to do that.


Make four the same.

Using black yarn, make a magic circle with 6 sts.

rnd 1: inc around (12)

rnd 2-4: sc around (12)

sl st to first stitch of next round, cut yarn and pull the tail through. stuff and stitch onto body.

Tip: If you want to, you can put a little pebble in each leg to help the bee stand on its own. This is optional and I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going to give the bee to a child.

I recommend waiting until you have all 4 legs ready, before stitching them on, to ensure even spacing.

With the pebbles inside his legs, he stands just fine on his own.


For this part I used pipe cleaners. You know the kind, the ones you played with as a child. I didn’t have any in black on hand so I took a white one, cut it in half and wrapped black yarn all around it. Then I superglued it onto the head.

I added a bit of reinforcement by drowning it in superglue and wrapping a bit of yellow around the base of the antennas. Result: You have bendable antennas that (hopefully) won’t come off while the bee is in transit. I probably wouldn’t recommend this if the bee was for a child. Then I’d crochet two smaller (and fatter) antennas and stitch them on, but I wanted skinny antennas and I figured it’s not going to be played with by a child so it’ll be fine.

Show me what you made! Use the hashtag “#crosshairknits” on instagram. I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial for a crocheted bee.

Until next time



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