Dragonfly Hat


After finishing my Snow Plum Socks I felt pretty disenchanted with small knitting projects. You know, the type you can generally complete in 1-2 weeks and forget about. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel as “accomplished” when I knit those small projects as I do when I finish something large, like a sweater or a blanket. So that’s what I went to do. I’ve knit a couple of sweaters, put a large dent in several different scrap blankets (more on that at another time) and after doing that I felt.. In need of a more… “instant gratification” type knit. Sigh. And so the cycle continues.

So I’ve had this idea for a slouchy hat running around my head for a couple of months, I took some basic notes about what I wanted and decided “meh, another time”. And that time is now! Due to the fact that I had let this one marinate for so long meant that I had basically already knit it in my head and just had to put it through my hands.

You guys, it took 20 hours. I’m fairly sure this is one of my fastest projects ever. (Granted, I had the house all to myself and it was raining outside, so what else could I do but knit?) And I’m thrilled with how it turned out. You know that feeling when you imagine a project in a specific color and style in your head and then when you make it, it’s just.. Underwhelming? I feel that often, but not this time!

I was still on the fence about publishing it, but as soon as I had posted pictures of it on ravelry, a bunch of friends offered to test knit it for me. I guess they made up my mind because I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about something I never ended up publishing (You should see the drafts section of this blog, it’s kinda ridiculous how many posts/patterns I ended up never publishing).

Inspired by summer and my favorite winged piece of nature, the beautiful dragonfly, I present to you a slouchy hat featuring a fabric as light and airy as dragonfly wings, cables to mimic the shape of its’ body and shiny beads because I have a bead obsession lately:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hah, never thought you’d see my face on here, did you? Well, it wasn’t intended but I needed a model, don’t happen to have one of those styrofoam (or glass) heads and my entire family was away on vacation so I went the selfie route on this one. C’est la vie.

The pattern will be available from my ravelry store, and for a limited time be 50% off!

I hope you’ll enjoy knitting this hat as much as I did! Post it on instagram with the hashtag “#crosshairknits” if you want, I’d love to see it!



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