Crosshair Crochet: Buzz the Bee

Hello! Life's changed a lot for me lately, especially because I just recently got the news that I've been accepted to university and I'll be starting late August. With this change comes the challenge of me living pretty far away from the university itself. I have about 3 hours of transport per day if I … Continue reading Crosshair Crochet: Buzz the Bee


Crosshair Crochet: Amigurumi – Pachimari

Hello hello! Now, I can't just leave a videogame as just a fun thing to play through every once in a while - no, I must combine everything and craft various different things relating to said videogame. Which is why you and I will be crocheting a pachimari today! What's a pachimari?, you ask. Well.. … Continue reading Crosshair Crochet: Amigurumi – Pachimari